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31st Century Museum of Contemporary Spirit

Our body,Our museum,
Spirit is art.

Generally, established museums are focussed on the value of academic knowledge and art history (objective value), on the other hand the 31st Century Museum focusses on the value of truth,goodness, beauty knowledge, and personal experience (subjective value). This is what I call “Spiritual Aesthetic”  button-home

I believe that it is beyond beautiness that transcends regular or physical beauty. It isn’t better, worse or even the same as regular beauty, but it has its own unique, natural identity that we all share:love, kindness, and generosity. This is visible in positive thoughts,and we can feel it at times when we are free from an adherence to
a sense of self.

31st Century Museum of Contemporary Spirit is only an entity through which I can present examples of the events in my life, and through which I can communicate to society in various ways. The range of projects and activities are adjustable depending on locations and times. From the past, I have been fortunate to have had opportunity to work with many different organisations and individuals such as:

2008, Kanazawa, Japan button-home
This project is the collaboration with the 21st Century Museum of 7Contemporary Art and local people in Kanazawa to compile and collate accounts and positive memories in the form of various representative objects.

2009, Chiang Mai, Thailand (Station) button-home
The activities are about working with friends, students, upcoming artists and volunteers to create a creative sharing space, and also including the personal collection, experiences and activities which make people realise the value of living.

2011, Chicago, USA.button-home
This project is the invitation to stay as an residency artist at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to run workshops and arrange the exhibition with Master’s Students as a part of the optional study program. The aim of this program is to search for and try to understand the contemporary spirit that has already existed within its culture (Ready made culture).

2012, Niigita, Japan.button-home
The project collaborated with the Water and Land Project for the Niigita Art Festival 2012, which aimed to help understanding history of Niigata by collecting impressions of various locations around the city, through the memories of the local people.

2012, Non-Being Itself button-home
Bangkok, Thailand.This event was a collaboration project with The Art Centre at Chulalongkorn University, We worked with artists and the new-generation cultural activists to make a short film, documenting about the individuals who gave them inspiration in their lives.

2012, The Around the World Project button-home
Compiling of Ready Made Culture activities from around the world which show the intention of sharing; love and kindness to our fellow humans and listing them on the website

2013 Inner World Project button-home
Compiling of my personal stories and direct experiences, these inspiring events have been arousing me to change my point of view to a new perspective and realize about the natural truth as the way it is which is different from the truth I want it to be.

None of these projects have fixed format, and are depended on space and times which they take place. They do, however, all emphasize the concept that the attendees, through simple activities, would gain an awareness of the creative value that each of them have already possessed. These activities would also open opportunities to share experiences and knowledge with others.

We all have our own natural similarities and differences. For example, we all have a face, fingerprints and DNA, but not one of us share the same individual details within these. Getting to understand the value of the unique, individual identity that exists in all of us through the 31st Century Museum activities, could help us to realise the value of our own and others’ unique identities too. From here, we can start to respect ourselves and others as we will see their own true and unique value. In my opinion, this is the point at which we can start the creative thinking of living together in society.


20 February 2017




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