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31st Century Museum of Contemporary Spirit (Station) (14 February 2011 – 14 February 2016)
100/6 Moo 10, Soi Wat Umong, Suthep Rd., Mueng, Chiang Mai 50200 THAILAND




Container of Cultural Station

“Station” means a meeting place or point of transfer; and “container” means a space for objects waiting to be packed for transportation. These two definitions are the starting point of an idea to introduce a choice for choosing cultural space which does not have to be a large permanent building, constructed by any organized institution, with a large volume of investment, with deadlines and profit counts, or concerns about regular visitors and good management. These business strategic questions, of course, spring up in everybody’s mind ahead of time, but for me they are questions I would like to learn by doing while I work on my project. I believe everybody can contribute to be a part of our cultural values without depending on any organized institution or the values of the historical mainstream.

Seven to eight containers which outline the number 31 contain cultural “evidence” of artwork and activities. It is a project to support cultural learning processes. This project is taking advantage of the empty space next to my home for cultural education purposes, so I signed a five years contract with my neighbor to rent the space. I would like to create temporary cultural exhibitions and to show cultural artworks and activities I thought pure and which demonstrate freedom of thinking and expression. These works should show love and compassion honoring the respect of self and others. These works will not necessarily reflect the work of only well-known artists. I think we all have equal ability to create spiritual values. This space would be an open space for anyone to visit and share their experiences at any time. Activities would be altered as seen suitable.

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Many things collected in the museum are not necessarily original artworks. They might be the duplication of pictures, models, or stories I have learnt and given impression to through my life journey. I think this is the expression of values and spirit affecting my train of thought. I hope visitors share, absorb and share my experiences to appreciate certain human values I have learned. For example about twenty years ago I met Rirkrit for the first time in New York while he was performing his art, which is a part of “Art Against Aids”. His work, called “Shall We Dance” recites music from the “King and I” movie. The visitors joined in the dance rhythm along with him. Twenty years ago people were aware of HIV. Knowledge about protection and practicing safe sex was very limited, yet the artist invited people to dance and touch each other’s bodies. I think this is the kind of artwork that shows love and respect in an individual which creates the spiritual bonding which can destroy the walls of worry and fear among humans. This is similar to many artworks that have created by many people, both artists and non-artists.

Some containers are arranged into a library filled with books shared by different people. Those recommended books are from those who admired their life inspiring contents and would like to share their reading experience – one person, one book. Some containers will be organized as movie theaters filled with spiritual value and inspiring films to get people to move onto their life track in society. These are also recommended by various people – one person, one film. We also have a tea room to relax while drinking tea and other beverage when reading a book. Another room is a meditation room using sound art for meditation. This sound is the work of a Taiwanese artist whose name is Ming Ching Chen. The sound was a mix of nature sounds recorded over his music. I was quite impressed upon hearing it since it made me feel just like I was immersed in a deep meditative state. In certain occasions, this entire space would be arranged into an activities area for teaching kids art lessons, drawing, ceramics, and music offered by volunteers who specialize in different skills and would like to share their knowledge. These activities are free for anyone who would like to participate.

All I have said earlier in this article, I am showing activities and situations I have been a witness to or taken part in. These situations guided me to gather artworks that can be found in the website of the “31st Century Museum of Contemporary Spirit.” It is my wish that this website will become a cloud that can gather valuable knowledge from many perspectives that have been overlooked, allowing it to nourish the seeds of the human spiritual values within us, so these seeds can grow into big trees and prosper.

Kamin Lertchaiprasert
June 2010

เป็น อยู่ คือ – Kamin Lertchaiprasert
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The 31st Museum of Contemporary Spirit (Station)

Kamin Lertchaiprasert

Management Staff

Paphonsak  La-or
Tuangporn  Patipatapanich
Arpapun  Plungsirisoontorn
Kritchnun  Srirakit
Primrupa Sujaridnern

Artist & Culturalist

Rirkrit  Tiravanija
Imhathai  Suwattanasilp
Sornchai  Tangbutrawong
Udom  Udomsri-anan
Carl Michael von Hausswolff
Ming Ching Chen
Rasmus  Nielsen
Ttierelee  Jochem
Kobkarn  Wattanavrangkul
Pramuan  Pengchan
Sompoch  Aung
Somluck  Pantiboon
Taring  Padi
Wasan  Sittiket
Manop and Dr. Rampa Rattanarithikul
Rungsak  Anuwatwimon
Peeraphat  Aukkaraphat
Kritchnun  Srirakit

Design and Engineering

Kamin Lertchaiprasert – Design
Runsarit Kantha –  Engineer
Anan Phrommanut –  Lay-out planning
Vichart Somkeaw –  Computure perspective drawing
Sawapat Chaiyarerk


Somkid In-pun
Phon Chankum
Adul Dongpraipana
Wan Mei-keaw
Chalong Punya
Sombon Kuntee
Sedthawoot Pinyorit
Prasan Kumsuk


Thai Interactive Studio (THAIIS)

Opening Day Staff


Tepparit  Nuntasakun
Deuntalae  Inchan
Chonticha  Sudjaritpinit
Prapaporn  Kumyard
Jirawong  Wongtarngan
Anuchat  Mamuang
Nupol   Wiriyawong
Pawita  Rakkanchanant


Napapun Wongtala
Amnad Charoenprasopsuk
Chavanag Poungkot
Cherdwood Sakolaya
Arnont Nongyao
Teeramon Bua-ngam
Josh Dick
Ming Ching Chen

Food and Beverage

Rirkrit Tiravanija – Fresh Ham with Rice
Doungporn Inchan – Namaste Coffee Shop
Pichai Booncoomyou – Hamberger&Hot Dog
Varinthon Choowattanakun
Kerkburin Koengburi – Chan Neung Café&Beds
Thaiwijit Poengkasemsomboon – Mood Mellow
Pornsiri Poengkasemsomboon
Silawat Lomyanont – Yonyang Sushi
Nares Boonchoo – Vegetarian Fried Rice
Sathaporn Wongma
Red Slim –  Sandwich
524 Umong – Vietnamese Salad
Grilled’ staff
Nattawut  Ruckprasit
Waranya  Sermsatharanasawad
Trirat  Buranaparanamai
Pattama  Pantong
Suthipa  Kaittisarn
Rawiwan  Parmplak
Teerapat  Chuanak
Ratibodee  Sangsawangpipat
Nateepol  Charoenthurayont

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the following organizations
and individuals for their warmest support in making this project possible.

Kaittisak Kullayasiriwat
Wimol Kullayasiriwat
Numthong Tang
Jatuporn Rattanin
Tawatchai Somkong
Amnad Charoenprasopsuk
Gridthiya Gaweewong
Jaruwat Wongkamjan
Jirawan Jeenwan
Joshep Ng
Calvin Chen
Sawai Kiyo
Cindy Wang
Apisak Sonjod
Ratchanok Ketboonruang
Vipash Purichanont
Aida Mammadova
Hallam Chow
Fine Art Magzine

Five years project supporter

Dr. Disaphol Chansiri
Somprasong Sahawat
H2 Foundation for Arts and Education Limited
Noppadol Lojanatorn and Ladda Lojanatorn

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