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Inner World

World is being as the way it is. We see the world as the way we are and it makes us think that is the way this world should be. We are what we act. All of our action comes from believe or thought through life experiences including to our emotion such as sexual drive, hunger, fear, greed, anger, lust, love, companion etc. Both two parts (thinking and emotion) make us have different inner world.

Life composes of the inner world and the outside world. The inner world collects personal experiences which depend on personal time and space. This part is a fundamental of personal data to interpret phenomena of the outside world. Truth is a combination of interpretation from inner and outer experience and that is the reason why we perceive each specific phenomenon (the outside world) differently. It is no right or wrong but it depends on each personal experience together with rules, social standard and culture.

In this section, I would like to collect my personal experiences which arouse me to understand or perceive things from different point of view or from the way I have been accustomed to. It awakens me to see the truth as the way it is, not the way I want it to be. I have been trying to see and make my understanding from different dimensions similarly to a process of self-critique. For example, when we witness any specific incidents by love or hate or judge it for your own benefit or loose benefit, we see it from our prejudice. On the other hand, if we observe it as we are all a part of the whole nature, we will overcome our prejudice and it would make us perceive the phenomenon of the outside world inseparably from the truth of nature. This would make us see and understand things as the way it is and might reduce the conflicts in our society.

All of the phenomenon and disaster nowadays indicate that we cannot change the outside world directly because it is the way of nature unless we start changing our inner world which is to overcome our prejudice, try to understand the phenomenon of the outside world as the way it is, not the way we expect it to be. I believe by doing this, it is the most possible way to reduce various problems these days. Because of the origin of all problems is from our perception and interpretation from the information closely to the truth. Adjusting our perception and thought which base on the concept of “The whole world as a center” will make us perceive the problems from all dimensions and able to manage it at the direct spot. But if we perceive things as “self centered” we would perceive the outside world (true phenomenon) differently and it also makes us interpret information we receive differently by our experiences. If we could not understand things at the same way, we could not find out the way to solve problems together.

Kamin Lertchaiprasert
September 2013


Universal Connection Documentary 2017 ( Spiritual Fractal) by Pete and Kamin Lertchaiprasert

Benoit Mandelbrot was the scientist who founded fractal geometry in the year 1980. He discovered that everything in nature has a fractal structure – the human body, blood vessels, DNA, rivers, mountains, trees, clouds, and waves all share this characteristic. This portrays the concepts of self-similarity and infinity in terms of structural commonality. The scientist’s discovery of the fractal physical realm inspired my work – the universal connection by spiritual fractal.

The mind, spirit, or feelings are comparable to fractal geometry, in which I will refer as the spiritual fractal. My experiences in Vipassana meditation allowed me to see the connection between the mind and the body (internal and external), as well as how those two different components are intertwined. I am aware of how the intangible become tangible; how feelings and thoughts become continuous behaviors that define the lifestyle of societies. I expressed my understanding as animations and multimedia content wrapped on both the exterior and interior surfaces of the BTS.

The circular fractal symbol is usually zoomed in on the outside for a clearer view instead of focusing on the components inside the structure. This symbolizes the tendency for mankind to focus on the external and superficial factors instead of intrinsic qualities and mind values. Instead of emphasizing the features that meet the eye, one should question the origin of the mind, spirit, emotions, feelings, love, and mercy. Mankind should search for the connection between the physical body and the mind. Nature does not consist of merely tangibles – but possesses intangible factors as well. I personally refer to these intangibles as the spiritual fractal.

When we zoom into the dark, there is light. Amidst the dark expanse of the universe are shining stars. Both positive and negative forces coexist – the yin and the yang. Day and night, happiness and sorrow, love and hate – how do we comprehend these opposing forces? When our legs hurt while sitting, we experience suffering and react by moving our posture to remove the pain. When we feel happy, we grasp firmly to those feelings to make them last as long as possible. The same principle applies to life – we continue doing things we love and flee from things we dislike. These repeated actions become habits, which develop into behavior, and eventually character that dictates our lives. To adjust these perspectives and character, one must meditate to achieve a mindset of balance and equanimity. This mentality will allow one to accurately perceive the birth and passing of the body and the mind. Over time, the mind will create a new, unattached conscience that perceives all of existence the way it naturally is. The self does not exist – all things are subject to change. I believe that behaviors or perspectives are developed by repeated actions, similar to fractal formed from self-similarity.

The state without our existence and without time is the connection between the physical realm and the spiritual realm, or in other words the tangible and the intangible, which is “Equanimity”. It is expressed through actions of purity, such as unconditional love and mercy for others. These deeds dissolve the boundary line between ourselves and others, creating a sense of “oneness.” Nature is trying to tell us that we are the society and the society starts with us. Every problem in the society can be solved when we care for society the way we do for ourselves. We need to depend on each other and remain free from one another.

April 14 2017



The Timeless Present Moment Exhibition @ MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum





Kamin Lertchaiprasert
Emptiness is not a state of mind but the essence of the mind.

Words are not what we utter.
Thoughts are not what we think.
When you understand that there is difference within similarity,
And that there is similarity within difference,
That is the end of self-centredness. There will be no self – attachment.
Or segregation.
When you perceive that there is subjectivity in everything,
and that there is everything within subjectivity,
Your self-esteem begins to soar,
Along with your other-esteem.
An observation without judgment, prejudice, and comparison,
Leads to an objective understanding of its real nature,
And a perception of the truth, virtue, and beauty that lie in everything.
Because, naturally, everything is the truth, virtue, and beauty as the way it is.
That is the art of life.
“Art” is the process of learning to know oneself, society, and nature.


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