2019, Sharjah Biennial (SB14)

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at the 14th edition of the Sharjah Biennial (SB14)
“Leaving the Echo Chamber : Journey Beyond the Arrow”
Opening March 7-10 June, 2019.


Commissioned by Sharjah Art Foundation, 2019


31 Century Museum of Contemporary spirit in Sharjah 2019(Perception itself is action)

We cannot exist beyond the realm of experience and time,
For we are nothing but their results,
We can merely perpetually observe things “as they are”,
Without judging whether they are good or evil, fair or unfair, right or wrong,
Until we attain a perfect understanding of the mind,
Only then can intention naturally manifest itself,
Into the intention that is free from any self-centered intention,
The realization that intention itself is also action.


‘love quotient’ (LQ) Workshop 2 Feb 2019

Today’s world is replete with technological advances and all kinds of knowledge thanks to an extraordinary enhancement of mankind’s cognitive abilities which are often measured using the intelligence quotient (IQ). Unfortunately, material progress brings with it the loss of affective connection between people in society as we only care about matters that concern our personal interests, resulting in low emotion quotient (EQ) which signifies the growing lack of empathy. In fact, an ideal and perfect society should be one that comprises both material development and inner peace. Still, these two components cannot fully exist without spiritual intelligence, or ‘love quotient (LQ)’ as I would like to call it, which requires the true understanding of loving kindness that goes beyond simply knowing the word’s meaning. Loving kindness is our true nature — a virtue that is already within all of us, though we might have forgotten it, thus causing ourselves and society to go out of balance. The question we need to address, therefore, is not how to create a perfect society, but rather how to awaken the sense of loving kindness. Or could it be that simply being aware of its presence is already an action taken?

galleryThis project aims to invite everyone to participate in creating a society in which LQ is acknowledged and treasured under the idea that we are not a part, but the whole, society. Thus, we all share ownership of this project because the 31st Century Museum is, in fact, our collective body or life while spiritual intelligence is arts. This can be done by sharing stories of everyday life as we come into contact with loving kindness through both firsthand experience or secondhand knowledge of events that took place in the society around us. These anecdotes do not have to be grand stories so long as they convey meanings and inspirations, even at the personal level. In order to help LQ take on a tangible form through the shared learning process, the narratives along with their visual accompaniments will be compiled into printed books as a keepsake.

Kamin lertchaiprasert
3 October 2018


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