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The sartorialist, Scott Schuman


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Scott Schuman

I saw a fashion book at my friend’s house and flipped through it, assuming it was another common fashion book. But as I flipped through the pages, I started to understand what the author was trying to portray. He was an unemployed photographer, roaming around, taking photos of people he met which was aesthetically dressed. Regardless of class, age or career, if he finds them beautiful or has that feeling, he would photograph it. He did this daily, documented them and posted them on his web blog.

I think this process encourages and opens opportunities for people to attain their freedom of aesthetic choices and values. Not abiding to famous brands or mainstream agendas. He relayed out his respect in each individual’s beauty. Despite that you are a housekeeper or a painter; you are just as beautiful dressing the way you do. He respects individual’s aesthetic, not because of their status or appearances, but because of the beauty that relates with their personality and identity.

If we can make the world change its’ values in aesthetic, we definitely can also change other values of the society. It is bringing forth value in the beauty of being human, which expresses liberty and dignity through freedom in dressing ourselves daily. It is not a fashion, but it is life.

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