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More Place Forever

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More Place Forever

Norway, 2003, I walked pass a cemetery everyday. In the morning of each day, I’d noticed an elderly man cleaning a tombstone of someone who passed away; it could be his wife, I guess. But I do know that he comes there daily, changing fresh new flowers, cleaning the tombstone and sweeping off leaves nearby. This made me, as a third person, felt that relationship between them. It is opening the space between the living and the un-living.

A grave without a corpse, with writings on the tombstone that says ‘More Place Forever’, is for the ones who had lost their relatives or love ones but their bodies could not be found from incidents like Tsunami. For others, even if they are not related to these people, this could be a place to pay respects or to be a medium of love and honoring through small gestures. It opens space and connection between dimensions of the living and un-living. It is grave where you don’t have to be related nor acquainted with, but is a representative of us all as human being. It is a gesture that expresses love and affection that surpasses dimensions of time and space.

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