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Chiangmai Jai Dee

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This shop is one of the very few shops left that still places drinking tanks in front their shops. They fill the tank with ice and clean drinking water. Cups are provided for the passerby to quench their thirst.

This is fading from our Thai society. What does this tell us?

It tells us about the mind state of people in that society. It shows us how much abundance and richness exists in that culture. Nowadays, even in temples, which used to be the embodiment of culture and spiritual value, are also starting to lessen its spaces of public mind. If we don’t try to develop or maintain it, it will fade away. We should find means or ways to preserve this kind of culture. For this is not just offering drinking water to others, but it expresses flowing thoughtfulness of members in the society that emerges in our daily lives. If we can all exhibit clemency in our own ways, as a member of the society, according to our responsibilities. This will become the water that nourishes the social soul and enhances livability. It will be like every home and family are the public spaces that we all share.

31CENTURY.ORG:Chiangmai Jai Dee-Part1-2
คุณสุจินดา พนักงานเชียงใหม่ใจดี

31CENTURY.ORG:Chiangmai Jai Dee-Part1 from 31century on Vimeo.

31CENTURY.ORG:Chiangmai Jai Dee-Part2 from 31century on Vimeo.

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คุณสุเทพ ชวาลา เจ้าของ หจก.เชียงใหม่ใจดี (Suthep Chawala)

31CENTURY.ORG:Chiangmai Jai Dee-Part3 from 31century on Vimeo.

31CENTURY.ORG:Chiangmai Jai Dee-Part4
คุณอุสา เฮงจึงจรัส ห้างทองโชคชัย

31CENTURY.ORG:Chiangmai Jai Dee-Part4 from 31century on Vimeo.

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