31 century museum in Chicago

Vipash Purichanont

Timothy McMullen and the crewmembers: the spirit of Sullivan galleries!

Curator: Vipash Purichanont

Installation Date: TBA

Artists Proposal: I would like to explore the role that the work study students and I play at the Sullivan Gallery through a installation in the 31st century museum space. I propose to schedule time during lunch breaks to talk with crew members about their ideas and philosophies on what work means to them. From these discussions we would generate images and a collective written statement that explores ideas of work ethic, finding meaning through mundane tasks, and other philosophical ponderings that can be derived from our discussions on the nature of work. I would then like to paint or install artworks in almost hidden areas of the space that the would re-enforce what we do here in the gallery, our work is obviously important, but it is also only one part of a larger cultural experience. As a crew we prepare the gallery and take part in helping artists realize their projects. I think we have a humble and meaningful position and I enjoy this act of helping others and serving artistic visions through physical labor, I hope for the final outcome to reflect this attitude of service and humility.

Other Tentative Events and Exhibitions

Classes Schedule

11/8 6pm-9pm: Gift Circle with Lara Oppenheimer (with Trevor Martin class)

12/12 9am-12pm: Buddhism in contemporary art crit week (with Nora Taylor)

Tentative list of Artists who like to contribute the piece to the museum

1. Robby MacBain (MFA’12 Sound): Sound+Video Installation about Spirit of Sullivan Center
2. Zilvia Vasilescu (MFA’12 Printmaking): Collaboration with Katie Waddell on her “Intimacy” model
3. Charles Anthony Lewis Jr. (MFA’12 Painting and Drawing): Respond to Vipash’s doctrine archive
4. Katya Grokhovsky (MFA’11 Alumni in performance): Respond to Rebecca’s gift circle.

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