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This web page is opened for freedom of expression. Everybody please feel free to share your meaningful story  to public.

the 31st Century Museum of Contemporary Spirit aims to give people back the freedom of expression, evokes them to realize and strengthen their self-confidence in their hidden ability to create creative activities, gives them back the power to evaluate individual’s expression regardless the mainstream’s cultural or aesthetics’ value. Everyone is an artist, a curator, and an owner of a museum.

Hence every single individual has his/her unique character, and his/her own way of express their creativities unconsciously through their everyday life. From this point, it provokes me to consider the process people creates or even invent the story or specific meaning to the objects they give or be given. I believe some of their stories or objects which have its own story and specific history must carry its own spirit and energy of creation. Sometimes monetary value cannot be given. It is not necessary that object is made of costly material. It can simply be an ordinary story or object for the others, but meaningful to someone’ spirit. For example gifts, wishes, postcards, rings, flowers, or just small things receiving from dear persons. It also can be from people we not even know or just really somebody who gives with good intention, love, mercy, care, sympathy, encouragement or something else. It can also be energy, vibration sending out from that object. I believe we all have these kinds of objects or at least used to touch them. But often times we tend to forget or secretly keep them only for ourselves and have no time to think about its meaning. For this project, therefore, I would like to ask collaboration form everyone to share this meaningful experience with others.

How to participate?

1. All participants please feel free to donate your meaningful story or picture of object to your spirit including your portrait or submit by VDO file.

2. Please provide reason and source of origin why it is meaningful to you.

3. Collecting and exhibiting story and picture on the website: and facebook. ( and

4. Asking for permission to publicize the story and the photo of objects, portraits of the owner and related articles together with those of others’ in the project.

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