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Mosquito Man

คุณมานพ รัตนฤทธิกุล

Mr.Manop Rattanarithikul
Museum of World Insects and Natural Wonders

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I admire the fact that he and his wife researches and collects mosquitoes. After we talked, I came to know that there’s only a handful of mosquito species that threatens human. All the other rest mainly acts as natural vaccine carriers for human. If there are no mosquitoes, the balance of the ecology will not be sustained.

This kind of project has the same qualities as a contemporary art project. He spent fifty to sixty years of devotion to research and collect species of mosquitoes and other insects. What difference is it from an artist that generates knowledge to understand nature? No matter if you name yourself an artist or a scientist, both puts to creation like an artist.

Even with his project about the World’s Insect Museum, all started from his inspiration as a child, when his granny brought him to have their photos taken. He disliked the old shooting process because he was afraid of the black veil that covered the photographer, making it impossible for him to participate. One day along their way, he and his granny found a rock that looked like a black egg. He asked what it was, in which his granny replied that it was a vulture’s egg. He wanted it, so his granny thought of a trick that if he went to the photo shoot, he could have the egg. He abided and kept the egg as his sacred safe keeper from then on. No matter what hardship he met in life, he would hold on to the egg and think of his granny. Eventually it became his inspiration to start collecting, hence became the World’s Insect Museum. He was once offered 4 million US dollars for his entire collection, which he refused. He wanted to keep it as a national treasure. I see his diligence, devotion and love. I believe that we can all achieve this, but alas not all would keep true to their dreams.

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