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Homeless Hero: Curtis Jackson

Donates Money To Help Out-Of-Work Mother
Chicago, USA

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homeless hero

Video Source: https://youtu.be/eqJi_95-JzM


Homeless, not hopeless.

For Curtis Jackson, the homeless but not hopeless and loveless man, money is not an issue for him. With his faith in God, he can work by cleaning car windows for small tips and gather this money to help others. For most of us, the factor in deciding to help someone is that whether or not we have enough money or if it would benefit us. As for Curtis, the help does not stand on how much money one has, but it stands on the conscience, love and sympathy for our human fellow. This is what interests me and keeps me in collecting more of this in every society. It is the Contemporary Spirit. The content lies not in money, but in love and compassion, which is the key in changing the society and the heart of the new society in the future.

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