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Herb & Dorothy

Herb & Dorothy
You don’t have to be a Rockefeller to collect art
A Film by Megumi Sasaki


Language : ENGLISH : THAI

HERB & DOROTHY Trailer: vimeo.com/3069795

This couple was a spiritual collector. I can feel this fact from their actions in collecting out of pure love. Through their whole life, they’ve never sold a piece of art even when they were in need of money. They were of average class, not wealthy in any way. Herb worked in the post office, while Dory was a clerk in the library. We can truly see their faith in how they value art. Like how Cristo exchanged his work with them as a token that they helped to look after his cats while he was out of town. It is an exchange with love and fondness, not a business trade.

They are collectors with a heart of an artist, a mind of art. They would only buy pieces that could fit into the cab, because that’s as much as they could handle. They didn’t use much money, but they used their life, love and faith in art for them to attain each pieces. The point that made me feel the expression of their great pure love was that at the end of their lives, they donated all the pieces they possess to the National Museum in Washington D.C. Accumulating more than 5,000 pieces of art.

This reminded me of our childhood days when we collected stamps. The feelings and emotions in collecting were fresh, honest and happy to do so. It’s the same kind of feeling to what Herb and Dory has. We all have this inside. More than just money, it is energy of pure love that sends on to others.

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