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Happy Business

Artist: Urai Chaipattanasak
Chiang Mai

อุไร ชัยพัฒนศักดิ์

Language : ENGLISH : THAI


Urai Chaipattanasak

She sells grilled-dumplings and dances along. Her dumpling van is vibrantly pink, like a disco club. If one does not know her, she could be taken as insane from the first glance. But I can feel her happiness in what she does.

I think if everyone were happy with his or her job as she is, this world would be full of happiness. Even if that job is not of great importance, like selling dumplings. She does what she loves with happiness, which is easily noticed from the way she greets her customers, her smile and the way she dances. When there are no customers, she will dance in the open outside her van. If any customer dances with her, she will offer a stick of dumpling for free. I think this kind of thinking is very cute. It is not a business that seeks only profit. In every métier, if we have a service mind, the fruition will emerge. If we are happy when we work, then we’ve already profited. We‘ve already flourished.

Happy Business Part1 from 31century on Vimeo.

Happy Business Part2 from 31century on Vimeo.

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