31 century museum in kanazawa

025 : Felt-made cllection of the writing

025----Yuji Akimoto
秋元 雄史

As I am too shy to show the most precious thing to the public, I will present the somethingth precious thing. I usually do not categorize objects as the second or the third. I just take it just “the important thing.” Anyway, it is the precious one to me.I quit Benesse Art Site Naoshima in December where I worked for 15 years. This  collection of the writing is the one the staff gave me. You find their writings inside. Each staff wrote messages with pictures. I become too emotional with things of this kind, so I can open it only one or two times. I feel emotional just to look at it, and cannot to keep reading it. However, I deeply understand thier heartfelt words and appreciate their good will to make it in their busy working time. Squared paper of the cover is followed by marble floor of Monet exhibit room in Chichu Museum.  There are Round in each angle, so are there four corners of the room. It is the floor pattern that I conceived. I also like the exhibit room and am proud of the idea very much. I think the staff adopted it because they know that I like it. The real one keeps 2.5 cm marble cubes lined on the floor. They made it with 2cm cubes which looks nearly the same. You will see a pale orange page in a middle, and only this page has a different color. This is not because the white felt is out, but because it is followed by several similar colored mables on the white marble floor in real one. Actually, there are more blue marbles are lined with than orange ones.  They did not find it as it to be expected, but I was impressed their eyes to be able to the space so precisely. The most staff who made this collection of the writings had experiences as observers. I think they noticed it because they observe a all day long. I think they can talk about Monet space more than I can.To entry “The 31st Century Museum of Contemporary Spirit,” I took it out from the back of the drawer after a long interval. I think the word itself is ponderable meaning. It brings me back to the past in a moment. It is bitter to dream of the time which will never be back. I do not want to pretend to be looked good, but I would say I do not like looking back on the past. I feel too sentimental when I do, so I will not open it while it is exhibited. I will exhibit it as it is because this colleaction of the wirting should belong to the people who made.



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