31 century museum in kanazawa

049 : A djembe

49-----Sumiko Takagi
髙木 壽美子

My husband and I found the leaflet saying “looking for percussionists when we went to Hoshizora Music Festival in Kanazawa Park. The sentence “ Let’s do Live Performance together next March” attracted us and we decided to attend the performance, and we bought two demes, the African drum. Thanks to the instruction by teachers and other members who were younger than us, six months later, we could perform at Performing Square in March. Although It was really fun to play the djembe, it was getting difficult for us to find the time to practice since we had so many things on the table. Then we quitted after a year and half. It was the djembe which inspired me to challenge the new and start the second stage of life with my husband, who had just retired.



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