31 century museum in kanazawa

106 : Concrete boards

106---- Kenryu Nishiyama
西山 憲隆

These are the concrete boards that layed around a pool of ” Kuwajima elementary and junior high school of Shiramine village”, which was under water of Tedorigawa Dam constructed in Showa era 54 (1979). My father dug up these concrete boards before being submerged  water and he made them lay on the garden. Now we use these as a floor of the garage. In summer, Children in the village including me played “Zui Zui Zukkorobashi” of children’s play song with on the boards pronely. The completion is around Showa era 40 (1965) , I think. Though It was only for 14 years under water the Dam, I feel it was longer than that. Now the area where layed this board is under water deeply, and I imagine that boards submerged with the depositions for 30 years.



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