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One day when I took a stroll through Jatujak market, I stopped at one of my friend’s shop to take a break from the heat. While I was there, a friend of his came by to greet him. They talked for a while then his friend turned to greet me. I was exhausted so I didn’t reply much. Later, he bid goodbye and left. I didn’t thought of anything. After a while, he came back with a garland of flower. He gave it to me and blessed me to be happier, because he though I was sad or going though some issues inside.

I was surprised in how he had the intention to make me feel better, despite that we’ve never met and our meeting was brief. I can’t even remember his name till this day, but I could never forget his good intention.

It was good wishes that one human could provide for another. I looked back upon myself that have I ever expressed my good wish for anyone, or for people whom I’ve never met? These small gestures became an inspiration for me to give forward, if I have the chance. Imagine if people behaved more like this, how pleasant more it would be for this society. This good wish for others to be happy could already exist in all of us. Unaware by us, or we simply just don’t know how. It might be good to start acknowledging this in us, starting by gesturing small deeds for the ones close to us. This incident reminded of a quote that lingers in me all along, “It is our duty to make the ones in front of us happy.”

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