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Sukanya Wangchaicharoenkit
คุณแม่สุกัญญา หวังชัยเจริญกิจ

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สุกัญญา หวังชัยเจริญกิจ

“I am uneducated. I was born in a poor family and didn’t attend school. I hope that when I die, I could be a teacher for others.”

Sukanya Wangchaicharoenkit
Died at the age of 73.


The first time I heard this phrase, I was very impressed with her sacrifice and compassion for human fellow. She has donated her body to Chiang Mai University’s faculty of medicine as an education for medicine students. I too had once thought of donating my body and intended to do so. But I never had the courage to take action because of some superstitious belief I adopted growing up in the Thai society. This belief is that if one dies with an in-complete body, then the person would be reincarnated with missing body parts too.

Sukanya’s words have recalled me to consider about the lack of courage and beliefs, which obstructed my freedom to express my sacrificial mind and compassion.

Kamin Lertchaiprasert
November 8, 2014

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