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056 : A book

056----Yoko Kanayama
金山 洋子

The house where I was born was given away to the local town and turned into a huge green space called Futamiyokokawa Park. It was on top of a cliff by the sea. I and my sister used to ask our father to read us a book when we went to bed. I remember the sound of his Tohoku accent and the lapping of waves, and the smell of daffodils and the fisherman’s village under the steep cliff. 55 years seems too long to hold a memory vividly, but I found all those memories are still living in this book.

“私の生家は寄贈により公園という広大な「原っぱ」 になっているらしい。父と過ごした、海のそばの崖の上の家。毎晩、小さな姉妹の枕元で「もっと読んで!」といわれるままに本を読み続けてくれた父。父の「東北訛り」の民話と静かに繰り返す波の音、咲き乱れるスイセンの香り、垂直の崖の下は漁師町。「55年」と言う時間を経て、風化していく記憶…

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