31 century museum in kanazawa

048 : A wall Clock

48 Nobuyoshi Takagi
髙木 信吉

The clock was at my home before I was born. It was my role to wind it up since I was a child. I went to my parents’ house to do it once a week even after I moved out after marriage. Since my parents died, no one has lived in the house and the box put in the clock was opened only occasionally when we gathered for memorial days, then gradually it stopped working. My brothers and sisters took our memorial objects from the house when we decided to demolish the house last year. I got the clock. I thought the clock was dead but once I wound it, it started ticking again. Now it sits in our house as a master clock. I presume it is around 70years old.


生まれる前から家にあり、子供のときからネジを巻くのが私の役目でした。 結婚してからも、実家へ週に1回ネジを巻きに行きましたが、父も母も亡くなり、家は誰も住まなくなり法事のときに開けるくらいで、時計も止まったままになりました。去年、家を取り壊す事になり、兄弟・姉妹がそれぞれ思い出の品を貰う事になり、私は時計を貰いました。もう動かないと思っていたのですが、ネジを巻くとちゃんと時計は動き始め、わが家のマスター時計として現役復帰しました。時計の年齢は70歳くらいだと思います。

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