31 century museum in kanazawa

064 : A stuffed doll

065--- Aya Ishida
石田  彩

On morning after the day my elder brother was back to Taiwan in traveling alone, I was surprised that there was a stuffed rabbit near my pillow. When I visited to Korea by myself three years later, I tried to ask the Korean people “Does anybody know this ?” , as showing this photograph of the rabbit. But unexpectedly, someone said ”Mashimaro !”. I was surprised again because everyone knows Mashimaro-chan in Korea. I heard that the rabbit is a heroin of Korean comic. I bought a small doll of Mashimaro wearing Korean traditional cloths as my souvenir.—These are “our precious things” My elder brother became a little Japanese envoy to Taiwan at his fifth grade in elementary school and his younger sister became a little Japanese envoy to Korea—-



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