31 century museum in kanazawa

095 : A seal made by stone and papers

095----Nobuaki Tsuda
津田 宣明

The Denden-kosha Information Processing System(the present : NTT, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation ) presented  one TV program, that is called  “The orchestra has come” (TBS, 23 offices broadcasting network) hosted  by the late Mr. Naozumi Yamamoto.  It was the desire that it wanted to expand the view of classic music by  Mr. Seiji Ozawa, famous conductor in Japan.  At that time, this signature and seal was a souvenir though the first concert in the country, China where Mr. Seiji Ozawa was born,  was specially executed in around the spring of 1978.  I used this for newspaper advertisement  (The decision is put 〉 is not forgotten at the Tokyo gubernatorial election in 1999 though it even usually is used.



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