31 century museum in kanazawa

067 : A Pen case

067----Masako Nagano
長野 雅子

I supposed that the person’s “belonging” would be determined person’s character in school life. When I was at elementary school, I am ashamed of my late bloomer as using a pen case in shaped of pouch. Therefore I wanted to take attention for my belonging in smart at junior high school. A sunny and cheerful classmates have some branded belongings. They look so cool for me, so I decided to use a longing pouch as a pen case. This seems to be not gloomy and lighten me with its orange and metallic colour. In this connection, my pouch is not same as the others in colour and branded company. And I used to belong that pouch from the second grade of junior high school until the third grade of high school. and still continue to use now. This is my treasure in along with me at tempestuous period in my life.



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