31 century museum in kanazawa

135 : A model of well style house

135-----Rimiko Muroishi
室石 理美子

My second son who is 3 grade at the school made this in summer vacation, 28 years ago. In that summer I went to Toro ruins with my familly and go into the well style house. After the travel, he was still watching the model of well style house for a several days. After then, he found a book that described about its structure and the way of construction. He got straws through negotiation to farmhouse, then he made the framework by chopsticks and cover binded straws by wire up that frame patiently. He made this model of well style house with spending much time on his work in several days. Since we had a lively conversation about a memory of that travel surrounding this model, there choked up our memories in the model.



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