31 century museum in kanazawa

020 : A bottle of Temari balls

019---Tomoko Hayashi
林 朋子

9 years ago, when I was training my new job as a manager of players of traditional Japanese music, I stayed with family whose friends are musician who play for a concert with Seimei at Kyoto Sanzenin. The house was in Shogoin and the couple had two children who sat for entrance examinations. Like strolling musicians in old days, they offered us meals and lodging in return for performances. At that time, I was very nervous about every new experience. In such a situation, this Kimono was given to me from the host wife. She brought this from her home in Tanbashinoyama in Hyogo. It didn’t look magnificent, but I was attracted its graceful and firm texture. For me, this Kimono taken out of the closet reflects the days when I started to live independent from an organization of company, and now, I can look at this Kimono remembering those days in the sunny place.



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