31 century museum in kanazawa

118 : Collected Works Of Kamen Rider

31-118-660Hideaki Watanabe
渡辺 秀亮

“Kamen Rider” was my hero from my boyhood on.  I certainly looked forward to watching the masked rider’s sprint on TV program every week, while I was fascinated by “mysterious men” as the enemy completely. There is no end to explain the attraction of various mysterious mens’ appearance in every time, an appearance of the executive surpassed the hero and the evil corps not only scary but smart. That is an obvious fact that “mysterious men” were important element on a parity with a hero or more at the “Kamen Rider”.  I bought this “Collected works of Kamen Rider”book 20 years ago, it  costed 2,800 Japanese yen. That is at risk to buy such a expensive book for children at that time but I remember that I was looking at this book fixedly every night  all the more.



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